Wojciech Bagiński

Partner | Attorney-at-law | LL.M. | MBA

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I am a partner and co-founder of Impactiv. I have been practicing law for 15 years as an international lawyer. I am qualified in the U.S (New York) in Poland and  also currently as a non-practicing solicitor in England and Wales.

I worked in many areas of law but my current practice is focused on broad sustainability issues (legal and business wise), ESG, cross-border commercial transactions and disputes, corporate governance, joint ventures and M&A, contracts, real estate, wills and estates and a bit of employment law. I have vast experience in corporate and project finance work for startups and venture capital firms and I am always open to explore new venture ideas (I was a mentor to more than 10 startups).

I have been promoting B Corps in Poland since 2012. Currently I am a member of the board of directors of B Lab Global, and a co-founder of The Interdependence Coalition which represents over 500 B Corps, systems change and impact driven businesses and organizations supporting the EU in the introduction of a directive on stakeholder corporate governance in Europe (CSDDD) which will mandate companies to shift their business operations to a more environmentally and socially responsible model.

For years, I have been encouraging all companies to define and implement their purpose (broader than profit) in their corporate documents, in particular in key company agreements and statutes, as well as contracts with business partners. Through this work we have introduced the Benefit Corporation concept in Poland and CEE region  and helped a multinational, publicly listed company from Poland to become certified as a B Corp ( first in Europe and fifth in the world publicly listed company to achieve B Corp status) and to change its statutes in accordance with stakeholder governance concepts.

I am a Chairman of the Foreign Commission at the Polish Bar Council (Naczelna Rada Adwokacka) and an elected member of the District Bar Council in Warsaw. I am also a member of the ESG Committee at the National Chamber of Commerce (Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza).