Every day we do our best to be:

Legal visionaries, innovators and first movers

We aim to be innovative in our practice. This is why we are organized as an boutique international legal services firm focused on representing clients in US, UK and Poland. Thanks to this international perspective, our clients receive a unique legal view on their transactions and cases.

We create standards on the market. We are among the few law firms in the world that focus on representing B Corps and social entrepreneurs. We help B Lab with introducing the B corp (benefit corporation) concept in companies – locally but also globally. We helped implement the legal framework behind B Corps to the Polish legal system. We assisted the first multinational publicly listed company in Europe and fifth in the world to certify as a B Corp.

Experts in tough assignments

We provide complex legal services to business clients including insurance and financial institutions. We run transactions, adapt organizations to new legal and regulatory rules, create and modify their products, help in structuring distribution models, and represent them in front of courts and market regulators.

We formed joint ventures and resolved disputes for business clients from different jurisdictions. We worked with clients from a number of jurisdictions including USA, UK, Izrael, France, Germany, China, Japan, Malaysia.

We represent private clients in novel and tough cases. We have handled with success cross border inheritance, trusts, wills and estates matters. We advised Polish and foreign clients in dispute resolutions (also with multi jurisdictional problems).

Best advisors for our clients – Best for the world as opposed to being best in the world

We are passionate experts in ESG and sustainability with a proven track record. As such, we use our skills and knowledge to the advantage of our clients but also to accelerate the needed systems change so that businesses act with consideration of all stakeholders (including the society and our planet). We try to walk the talk and we work daily to achieve meaningful change. We believe big things start small and in today’s world small can have a huge impact.

Great team players

We know that a strong team is essential for delivering high end legal services. Therefore, our team includes lawyers closely cooperating with international networks of businesses and law firms that help us provide complex and user friendly legal advice to our clients – who are the most important members of our team.