Sustainability & ESG

We guide our business clients through the sustainability & ESG transition. We advise also on issues related to B Corps and their certification. We help companies to embed stakeholder corporate governance.

  • We provide strategic guidance relating to the sustainability & ESG transition and B Corp certification. We help companies to understand the elements of the Green deal legislation in Europe including obligations related to the CSDD and CSRD directive and the Taxonomy.
  • We provide trainings and workshops for boards, managers and employees related to the sustainability & ESG transition and B Corps.
  • We assist in implementing circular business models. We draft and negotiate contracts, advise on IP rights, public law and consumer protection issues.
  • We help in structuring business models and communications to avoid “greenwashing”. We advise on compliance and marketing issues. We represent our clients before courts, and consumer protection authorities. We also support entities that combat greenwashing.
  • We organize sustainable supply chains. We draft and review agreements with suppliers, audit suppliers in the value chain, prepare risk analysis and offer adequate business and legal solutions.
  • We perform gap analysis related to the B Corp certification. We audit your internal documents and draft a red flag report that shows how you can improve your operations to boost your chances to become a certified B Corp.
  • We help in embedding the B Corp legal requirement to internal regulations of business entities. We also draft and review other internal regulations to implement provisions corresponding with the B Corp legal requirement tailored to an impact model of each business.
  • We draft internal regulations that help comply with the B Corp standards (e.g. remuneration and benefits policies, sustainable targets for managers, environmental policies, regulations on stakeholder relations).
  • We provide assistance during a process of B Corp certification and recertification (including advising on completing the BIA and verification procedures).
  • We help conduct double materiality assessements of companies and help structure human rights and sustainability due diligence in supply chains of companies.

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Insurance & Financial Institutions

We provide complex regulatory and corporate legal advice to Polish and foreign clients (including life and non-life insurers, reinsurers, agents, brokers, Insurtech and Fintech companies, investment and pension funds).

  • We draft internal regulations, adapt organizations to new legal and regulatory rules, assist in claims adjustment proceedings and in solving compliance issues.
  • We advise on creating and modifying products, as well as on drafting and reviewing insurance policies and other products-related documents.
  • We help in structuring distribution and remuneration models. We support the implementation of novel models using new technologies (e.g. using cloud computing in compliance with the PFSA’s communication regarding cloud computing data processing). We have broad experience in bancassurance.
  • We run transactions, cross border transformations and advise foreign clients how to enter the Polish market. We handle VC transactions with focus on Insurtech and Fintech startups.
  • We help local branches of our international clients to receive day-to-day legal services without a need to set up their own in-house legal team.
  • We represent insurers in mass disputes and in novel cases. We also resolve disputes between insurers and other players on the insurance market including agents and brokers (e.g. disputes relating to commission or leads).
  • We assist in the proceedings before the PFSA and consumer protection authorities.

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Business transactions

We run transactions on a local and cross border level We advise how to enter foreign markets including UK, US and Poland. We help in structuring and implementing new legal and business models. We also provide day-to-day general legal support for businesses.

  • We provide support in the entire M&A process. We assist in structuring transactions, due diligence process,drafting and negotiating agreements (including investment, founders, joint venture, share purchase agreements) and other documents, obtaining regulatory consents, negotiating W&I policies, in closing of the transaction and in the post-closing activities.
  • We have broad experience in the regulated markets (covering in particular insurance, financial and energy markets) and in the real estate market. We handle VC transactions with focus on sustainability, B Corps, healthcare, Insurtech and Fintech startups.
  • We advise on IP law issues related in particular to audiovisual, film, media, events and gaming branches. We help artists, agents, influencers, graphic designers, producers, distributors, advertising agencies and media houses.
  • Our team includes lawyers who are experienced in-house counsels. Therefore, we are able to provide day-to-day general legal support for business with an in-house approach. We also help local branches of our international clients - they receive day-to-day legal services without a need to set up their own in-house legal team.
  • We help in the implementation of new legal and business models. We draft internal procedures and regulations. We support businesses that want to implement more ethical models. We provide legal advice related, for example, to anti-corruption, conflict of interest, and diversity and inclusion policies, including FCPA issues.
  • We help companies in their Sustainability and ESG transition.

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Dispute resolution

We resolve disputes for our corporate and private clients. We represent them in court, mediation and arbitration proceedings, as well as before regulatory and consumer protection authorities.

  • We specialize in commercial disputes.
  • We conduct cases related to sustainability & ESG issues (e.g. climate litigation, greenwashing claims, proceedings before regulatory and consumer protection authorities, appeals from decisions of such authorities).
  • We represent insurers and resolve disputes between insurers and other players on the insurance market.
  • We resolve founders’ and startups’ disputes. We act both for investors and startups.
  • We assist in cases before social insurance authorities and related to appeals from their decisions.
  • We handle cross border disputes. We act as a hub for clients from US, UK, Poland and the CEE region with disputes in these jurisdictions.
  • We help our clients in high-profile disputes regarding breach of fiduciary duties of board members in M&A transactions in the United States.
  • We represent our private clients in civil (including compensation cases, accidents, “franc loans” cases, divorces and other family law matters, inheritanace law, real estates) and employment cases. Please see our Private clients expertise for more information.

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Cross border

We handle tough cross border projects covering all areas of our specialization – Sustainability & ESG, Insurance & Financial Services, Business transactions, Dispute resolution and Private clients. We are focused on representing clients in the US, UK and Poland. Through our strong international network, we are able to build and lead international teams to handle almost any type of cases and transactions.

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Private clients

We advise our private clients in civil and employment cases (also covering multi-jurisdictional problems).

  • We have demonstrated experience in compensation and personal rights protection claims (i.a. road traffic accidents, accidents at work, fatal accidents, medical negligence, personal injuries).
  • We represent clients in cases related to mortgage loans denominated or indexed to foreign currencies (including so called “franc loans’ cases”).
  • We have experts in divorce, separation, cohabitation and other family matters (i.a. division of assets, prenuptial agreements, children matters and contact disputes, child support claims).
  • We provide complex legal advice regarding inheritance law (Wills and Estates) – from structuring succession models to representing clients before courts – including especially in cross border probate and succession cases with assets located in many jurisdictions
  • We help our clients in real estate matters (e.g. lease agreements and claims related with them, sale and purchase agreements, usucapion, developer agreements).
  • We advise in relation to employees’ claims (including claims related to redundancy, mobbing and discrimination, unequal treatment, breach of personal rights).

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