Pioneered implementation of stakeholder governance in a multinational publicly listed company from the CEE region

We advised and assisted in the process of the modification of articles of association of a
multinational publicly listed Polish company embedding stakeholder governance and the B Corp
legal requirement to its structure. This was the first such project in Central Eastern Europe and one of
a few in the world.

What was the challenge?

Our client is a publicly traded Polish B Corp. Any modifications of its statutes may have had an
impact on its stock valuations and may have triggered dissenters and appraisal rights. However, the
company wished to be a pioneer in the Polish judicial system by introducing social and environmental
goals to its statutes and redefining its governance model to increase stakeholder focus.

How we helped?

We provided strategic and legal advice and issued an opinion on the possibility of introducing social
and environmental goals to the statute of the Polish joint stock company. We advised the
management and supervisory board on the practical implications of proposed modification of its
statutes. We drafted appropriate clauses and provided consulting services along the way.
Consequently, the Polish registry court accepted and registered the changes to the statutes of our
Client – making it the first company in the region to embed stakeholder governance on such scale.